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Restaurant/Food Service Industry Funding

Need funding to redo your menu? Check out what's on ours. We're serving up great deals.

Cash flow funding for your restaurant, we know what you need

Finally, people are finding themselves able to afford to eat out more often. Some businesses got hit harder than others during the recession, restaurants in particular. Many people saw dining out less as the first notch when tightening their belts. Needless to say, as things begin to look up, you may be thinking it’s time to make some of the improvements that were ill-advised when the country was struggling economically. From gourmet restaurants to coffee shops to bakeries to burger joints to a whole bunch of catering trucks, we have funded many in the food industry. We have a funding package that will fit your business as well. Bon appetit!

Need to know your Funding Options?

For businesses in the restaurant/food service industry, we need the following information to provide you with your detailed funding options:

• the most recent 4 months of business bank statements

• the most recent 4 months of credit card processing statements

You can send your documents one of the three ways listed below, or by uploading them using the form to the right.

* If your business does not process credit cards, please simply send the most recent 6 months of your business bank statements.

By Electronic Mail

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your documents via email.

By Fax

Please fax your documents
to (800) 476-1501

By Postal Mail

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Funding Options Document Upload

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